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James Dobbin, LCSW

James Dobbin, LCSW


Licensed in CA #76818
Insurances Accepted: Anthem Blue Cross, Health Net/MHN, Aetna, Cigna/Evernorth
My belief is that every human being strives for and has the capacity to fulfill his or her own potential.

My Therapy Style

My professional style is to use the late and great Carl Rogers' "person-centered therapy". This type of therapy diverges from the traditional model of the therapist as expert and moves instead toward a non-directive, empathic approach that empowers and motivates the client in the therapeutic process. My belief is that every human being strives for and has the capacity to fulfill his or her own potential. It is my role to help them realize their potential and believe in themselves to pursue their potential to the fullest.

Education & Training

BSW - Social Work, Colorado State University

MSW - Social Work, Tulane University

Get to Know Me

Why did you become a mental health professional?

I considered psychology to be a way to continue studying life's many questions without having to subscribe to a specific doctrine. I found social work to be the most encompassing therapy for the client at an early age. I earned both my bachelors and masters degrees in clinical social work and have been practicing since.

What are your interests outside of work?

I'm an avid outdoorsman who loves to be in nature. My favorite times are spent backpacking in the wilderness. Living near the ocean, I like to ride waves whenever possible. I play tennis three times a week and yoga twice a week as I like to stay active. I believe the mind is influenced by the body and a healthy body promotes a healthy mind.

What is one thing you do daily that supports your well-being?

"Me time". I have "me time" everyday. This is time I spend on the things I like to do. Mostly these are sports and other specific physical activities although when I have other time I take long walks and bike rides to appreciate the day as it is.

What book have you read more than once?

Who Moved My Cheese, It's a quick read about what happiness is with many insights to pick up on so each time another insight stands out.

Favorite organization/non-profit?

National Geographic. They encourage people all over the world to care about nature and the environment.

How do you recharge?

Physical exercise. I love to play tennis, run, lift, swim and play until exhausted (1-3hrs). This is the most helpful way for me to reset and recharge my mental health. Although really anything outside in nature is extremely helpful as well.

Do you have any pets?

My chocolate lab, Cali, passed in 2016 she was my last pet as losing her was very difficult. As a child, we lived in a remote location and caught and kept animals for a few days and then released them back to the wild. In the past I've had many pets. My favorite were homing pigeons.