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Insurance & Pricing

We partner with insurance to make therapy affordable.

High-quality therapy is expensive. Our mission is to make it accessible to more people by working with insurance companies to cover mental health services in-network. Over 95% of our clients pay an average of $28 per session through insurance.

We're constantly working to expand our network.

Our Therapists Accept:


See a breakdown of our session costs below, or use our Cost Estimator to get an estimate based on your insurance.

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Out of Network

We are currently in-network with multiple employer-sponsored insurance plans. Co-pays and deductibles for our services range based on your coverage.

Octave also has teamed up with Evernorth Behavioral Care Group to deliver high-quality care to Cigna Healthcare and Evernorth members, in Arizona, California, Connecticut, Florida, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Washington state, and Washington D.C.

For details based on your state, use our Cost Estimator tool.

Most times, you can get 50% - 80% of your care paid for if your out-of-network benefits apply.

We can provide you with a monthly superbill to get this money easily reimbursed.

  • Individual Therapy: $170-250/session
  • Couples or Family Therapy: $190-275/session

For details based on your state, use our Cost Estimator tool.

What does it all mean?

What is "in-network" versus "out-of-network"? What is a superbill? We've put together a brief explainer for you.

Common Insurance Terms

Learn more about how to navigate insurance.

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