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Mental health,
built around you.

Support your emotional well-being through individual, couples, or family therapy, led by an expert provider who's focused on your needs.

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Why Octave

Real Human Connection

We believe in the power of people over technology. Find a therapist who makes you feel safe and empowered.

Matched to Your Needs

Our therapy teams have a broad range of backgrounds and specialty areas, so you can find the right expert for you.

Grounded in Science

We use evidence-based approaches that are proven to help you feel better, faster.

Focused on Results

76% of Octave clients with clinical depression see significant improvement in their symptoms within 12 weeks of care.

Meet the Team

Our team has a wide variety of specialties, backgrounds, and personalities, so we can find the right match for you, based on your unique needs and situation.

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"From the thoughtful intake, ease of dealing with insurance and on top of it one of the most thorough and eye opening therapy I have ever received - I cannot recommend Octave enough."
Octave Client
“I’ve had such an impossibly hard time - for the past 8 years - finding a therapist both in my network and who I bond with. When I signed up for Octave, they provided me with an amazing in-network therapist within a day. This is truly life changing!”
Octave Client
“My therapist is extremely kind, human-centered, engaged, and invested. I don't feel like a transactional client, but rather, a human.”
Octave Client
"Octave and the therapists are amazing. Everything from billing and scheduling, to the actual care, has been phenomenal."
Octave Client