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Rebecca Moreno, LCSW

Rebecca Moreno, LCSW


Licensed in CA #78749
Insurances Accepted: Aetna, Health Net/MHN, Cigna/Evernorth
Speaks spanish
Helping others through tough transitions and mental health difficulties is my passion.

My Therapy Style

I am comfortable working with a diverse population and a diversity of presenting problems. I have an extensive background working with anxiety-related disorders and can offer several techniques to reduce anxiety. I also specialize in women’s issues and I offer interventions to help navigate some of the mental health concerns women face as related to gender. Helping others through tough transitions and mental health difficulties is my passion. It is the evolution of the client-therapist relationship that drives me to do this work.

Education & Training

MSW - Social Work, California State University, Los Angeles

Get to Know Me

Why did you become a mental health professional?

I became a mental health professional because I wanted to help others who found themselves in a bind. I wanted to create a ray of hope and instill healthy coping tools that would be helpful to improve quality of life.

What are your interests outside of work?

I love to work out, read, travel, and paint. I have two boys and I enjoy planning fun family outings. I place priority on self-care and being content in the activities I engage in.

What is one thing you do daily that supports your well-being?

Working out is a daily activity that supports my mental and emotional well-being. Any type of movement, whether it is weight lifting, walking, or pilates, offers me mental clarity and a chance to reset.

What book have you read more than once?

River Sing Me Home by Eleanor Shearer is a great book that touches on racism, slavery, defeat, the strength of a woman, the urge to fight, and the urge to hope. This book has many layers.

Favorite organization/non-profit?

Shields for Families is a non-profit organization I had the pleasure to work for and grow in my professional career. The value of Shields focuses on offering services to families and focuses on mental health as a systems approach.

How do you recharge?

I recharge by spending quality time with family and indulging in my hobbies. I love to read and paint.

Do you have any pets?

I had a Siberian Husky for 12 years. She passed in October of 2020. Luna was funny, stubborn, wild, and so loyal. I am looking forward to adding a dog to our family later this year!