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Jacqueline Paul, LPC

Jacqueline Paul, LPC


Licensed in NJ #37PC00757200
Insurances Accepted: Aetna, Cigna/Evernorth
I am a black therapist who understands and relates to the plight of BIPOC individuals.

My Therapy Style

I am a black therapist who understands and relates to the plight of BIPOC individuals. Through a holistic and integrative approach, I support and guide individuals in becoming their most authentic selves. I support assuming accountability for the client's healing process by embracing daily stressors, injustices, imposter syndrome, and family dynamics.

Whether it’s current circumstances or unresolved emotions from your past, you always have the power to recreate your narrative and take accountability for your healing. I have always been passionate about servicing BIPOC communities. Through my experience in inpatient, outpatient, residential, and hospital settings, I saw that people have suffered through systemic oppression and having their voice stifled or overlooked in spaces where they make the most impact. I strive to create a space that provides validation, advocacy, safety, and empowerment to help individuals and families find their voice and power toward being their most unapologetic self. Through formal education at the City College of New York, I obtained my MA in mental health counseling; I then became licensed by the states of New York and New Jersey. I have since worked on additional training courses around anti-racist work, perinatal disorders, and trauma, which helps support and guide my work with individuals.

Education & Training

MA - Mental Health, CUNY City College

Get to Know Me

What are your interests outside of work?

Being a wife, being a mother, eating good food, listening to a podcast, and spending time with family and friends.

What is one thing you do daily that supports your well-being?

I wake up in the morning and enjoy 10-15 mins of solitude (skincare, face wash, and stretching) before I prepare my children for school.

What book have you read more than once?

I am a fan of both Bell Hooks and Chimamanda. They discuss the physical and emotional well being of both BIPOC populations.

Favorite organization/non-profit?

Healing Strategy & Dr. Raquel Martin. Two BIPOC females that focus on liberation within BIPOC communities as they navigate different roles of their lives, self, relationships, and career.

How do you recharge?

Traveling, Saying no (it is a full sentence), and truly resting. e