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Ingrid Nishimoto, LCSW

Ingrid Nishimoto, LCSW


I love teaching clients how to feel more “at home” in their bodies with simple tools.

My Therapy Style

I have 9+ years of experience helping individuals navigate trauma, anxiety, grief, depression, and cultural identity. As a second-generation Korean-American, I know first-hand the experience of wrestling with internalized stereotypes and expectations and charting my path. Having lived experience with chronic illness, I began feeling safer in my body with grounding skills and now love teaching clients how to feel more “at home” in their bodies with simple tools. I dig deeper by using therapies to target distressing incidents. I will be a consistent, compassionate, and truthful space so you can fully for your life.

Education & Training

MSW - Social Work, Cal State University, Fullerton

Internship - Jewish Family and Children's Service of Long Beach/West Orange County; Illumination Foundation

Get to Know Me

Why did you become a mental health professional?

I love the opportunity to walk alongside people questioning their story and affirm to them that their story matters, and is worth fully showing up for.

What are your interests outside of work?

Hiking, writing poetry, reading, finding joy and beauty in the everyday

How do you recharge?

Playing with my dog Mochi always brings a smile to my face. Going for a quick 10-minute walk around the block has worked wonders for me — I always feel better, more energized, and motivated if I feel sluggish, calmer, and more settled if I'm feeling anxious. Going on a hike forces me to slow down, engage with the natural world (not screens), and challenge me to push myself beyond my comfort zone — I'm always amazed to realize what I'm capable of. And on the days I can't do as much, I remind myself that I am human and that tomorrow is a new day.