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Ernan Alfaro, LCSW

Ernan Alfaro, LCSW


Licensed in CA #103126
Insurances Accepted: Anthem Blue Cross, Health Net/MHN, Aetna
Speaks spanish
I provide a safe space for individuals to discuss their deepest issues.

My Therapy Style

I find that the most effective way is to approach everyone in an authentic, strength-based, nonjudgmental balanced approach in order to meet the individual where they are in their stage of healing. I provide a safe space for individuals to discuss their deepest issues in order to help them process, identify, and cope with past traumas or issues they have been dealing with. Doing so gives them another perspective and provides another route to their healing journey. I truly believe that there is no set way to healing. My goal is to help you find your way to a journey of self-love, healing, and learning the other side of yourself that you seek.

Education & Training

MSW - Social Work, California State University, Los Angeles

Get to Know Me

Why did you become a mental health professional?

I am fascinated by the human mind and passionate about helping others. We all go through a journey of healing in life and I want to help as many people suffering to find their true selves in order to heal emotionally and spiritually and enjoy the beauty of life.

What are your interests outside of work?

My interests outside of work include exercising: running, boxing, and basketball. I love being outside and in nature which is why I enjoy hiking, golfing, and sailing. In addition, I enjoy reading and engaging in spiritual practices.

What is one thing you do daily that supports your well-being?

I pray daily and I exercise daily. I wake up early to engage in self-care which gives me peace and prepares me for the day.

What book have you read more than once?

The Bible is something I always come back to as it gives me peace and a spiritual connection with God that is unexplainable.

How do you recharge?

Sleeping, resting, or lounging around is the best way for me to recharge every night. A healthy sleep routine is the key to my work ethic and emotional well-being overall.

Do you have any pets?

Yes, my 5lb. Teacup Yorkie (Snoop) has become my life companion.