You're on the front lines for us. Let us be there for you.

We understand that emotional well-being is important now more than ever. Because of this we are offering free and low-cost services to support the psychological needs of those on the front lines. Whether you’re treating patients or ensuring our communities can obtain essential supplies, we’re here for you. We recognize the employees and professionals who are putting themselves at risk for our sake and we couldn’t be more grateful. Lean on us and let us shoulder your burden.

How we can help.

Our licensed therapists are trained in evidence-informed treatments, specifically designed to help those who have experienced periods of elevated stress. We are offering free and low-cost services to those fighting on the front lines, with additional sessions available if needed. Sessions will be available virtually to meet you where you are.

How to get started.

Please click below to email our team and let us know you’re interested in this service. Our team will get back to you shortly with instructions for getting you signed up for this program.

Email Us

Please note: Our therapists are continuing to see current and new patients. We will do our best to offer our open slots to as many frontline providers as possible.

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